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Have Questions?

We're here to help! We've got a list of common questions and insights for you. If your question isn't on the list, don’t hesitate-just let us know what it is so we can provide an answer as soon as possible.

  • Q. How much meat will I receive?
    A. You can expect a "take home weight" in the packaged meat is about 60% of the hanging weight, depending on the cuts you choose.
  • Q. What are the advantages of grass fed and corn finishing
    A. We finsh with corn to increasing marbeling, flavor and tenderness of your beef.
  • Q. Is the beef organic
    A. We are as close to organic as we can be without being certified. Our pastures aren't certified and we DO NOT USE Growth Hormones, Pink Slime, unnecessary antibiotics or MSG. You will receive Farm To Table Quality Flavor!
  • Q. What is hanging weight?
    A. "Hanging weight" is the the weight of the animal after the slaughter process which removes the head and internal organs, hooves and hide which is about 60 to 70% of the live weight.
  • Q. How much freezer space do I need
    A. 1 cu. ft of freezer space for each 25lbs of beef. Whole beef : 14 cu. ft of freezer space, half 7 cu. ft, quarter 3.5 cu. Ft.

Farm To Table Order Form:

Wagner beef order form
Farm to Table Order Form

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Fundraising activities can determine the future of your organization. A strong fundraising effort can ensure there are adequate funds to support the survival of the organization. Here at Wagner we support all fundraising operations and try to give back to the community as often as we can.

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