Farm to Table Beef

We sell high-quality beef directly off of our farm. All of our beef is USDA inspected and dry aged for 10-14 days before processing.   We pride ourselves in the fact that people know where their beef comes from when they buy from us. They know they are getting a high-quality product, an animal that was ethically and responsibly cared for right here on our farm. Our animals are grass-fed and corn finished, which makes for an unbelievable marbling and flavor! We currently sell to customers all over Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest.

This is the MOST AFFORDABLE way to feed your family quality, locally grown Beef!! Don't need this much? Split it with a friend or group of friends!

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Wagner Cattle Co. Farm to Table Details

Whole Beef = 750-850lbs
Half Beef = 375-425lbs
Quarter Beef = 185-210lbs
$3.49/lb For Beef
~ $0.70/lb For Processing
*Lbs are Hanging weight

  • These weights are approximations since every animal is different.

  • Please allow for variation. You will be notified of the exact hanging weight of beef at processing

  • Meat is processed at Eastman Locker, a WI State inspected family-owned facility.

  • The customer Is responsible for picking up beef at a predetermined location on the pickup date unless other arrangements have been made.

  • We will schedule a pickup date and location after we receive your final payment.

  • The meat will be wrapped in lined butcher paper (superior storage quality to vacuum seal)

Freshly Cooked Beef-Steak

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