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About Us

When it comes to Hereford cattle, Wagner Cattle Co. is the place for you! For generations now our family has been breeding and raising them in Wisconsin's driftless region--the perfect environment that produces some excellent beef products. Our motto: "The Best of Variety" speaks volumes about what makes this company so great.

It's In The Blood...

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Ron Wagner
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Willard Wagner

Our History

Wagner Cattle Co. was founded in 2018 with a dream and a passion fueled by multiple generations of
Hereford Cattlemen in the Wagner family in the driftless region of Crawford County, Wisconsin

Our History

Meet The Team

The Team
Photo of the tattered cover of a bible from 1786_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Wagner Cattle Co.

John is utilizing a Business Education from the University of Wisconsin - La Crosse and Beef Education through Texas A&M and the University of Nebraska to build the foundation of a desirable herd of cattle and the Wagner Cattle Co. brand. 

John Wagner


Wagner Cattle Co_

Perched on the opposite side of the fence, Maria assists in the record keeping and documentation necessary to keep the herd healthy. 



Wagner Cattle Co_

As a top hand, Ty is learning the value of hard work and commitment. He always seems to find a way to build a workout or parcore play into chores. As a member of National Junior Hereford Association and 4H, his beef knowledge and desire to learn the art of cattle showmanship continues to grow. 



Photo of the tattered cover of a bible from 1786_edited_edited_edited.jpg
In addition to the team, we want to recognize and thank the following family and friends for the support, advice and contributions to the success of our herd:

Meadow Lawn Angus & the Lenzendorf Family

Gari Lorenz

Ron Wagner

Art & Sue Knutson

Dimitiri Mataragas & Iron Lake Ranch

Guy & Kyle Coyler, Coyler Hereford

Dell Customer Communication - Confidential

Dale Venhuizen, Churchill Cattle Co.

Chris Mezera, Morgan & Brayden Kleppe

Herd Management

Heard Management

Purebred Registered Polled Herefords

Building a solid foundation with focus on animal structure, feet and udders. Selective AI is used to bring
the best genetics from farm to table. Our animals define the quality the Hereford breed is famous for
and our passion is to continue to improve every generation with additional focus on powerful, muscular,
wide framed carcass with great marbling and flavor.


American Herford Association
Certified Herford Beef
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